As cliche as it sounds, I have always been interested in technologies for as long as I can remember.  Whether it was playing games on the Atari 2600, when I was a child, learning Turtle basic on an Apple IIe computer in school, or discovering the magic of the Commodore 64 and 128, and the communities around them.

Before I joined the military, I ran an Ivory based bulletin board system, which was relatively popular at the time, despite the limitations.  

I served my country honorably for over 24 years, and in that time frame, I did everything within my power to be involved in technology as much as possible.  This is an extremely difficult task, when it does not necessarily align with the wishes of one’s supervisors who just want their employees to focus more on the mission and less on bettering themselves and their environment.  

As I progressed in rank, I did my best to fit into the predestined roles that were laid out before me, as I did what I could to learn technologies that I believed would benefit both myself and the mission. 

I am grateful to have served my country, and while any legacy that I may have had will be erased over time by policies and change, I remain content in knowing that I made a positive difference.

Before I left active duty, I worked diligently for several years to establish a chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association (AFCEA) in Arkansas.  My goals were to help build working relationships between military, community, and business leaders to promote STEM education in Arkansas.  


I am proud to have had the opportunity to lead the AFCEA Arkansas chapter for almost three and half years. 

Sadly, I had to leave it all behind me so that I could seek out new opportunities and allow myself to grow.  I have since become involved with other organizations in my area who allow me to learn new skills and network amongst others who are following their own pathways.  

It is is my goal to continue learning skills like PowerShell, SharePoint, Python, Linux, and many other technologies that I hope will help we grow both professionally and spiritually.

I hope will you follow my journey as I study and pass this information along to you.

Veteran, Mentor, Tech Enthusiast.