If you are a veteran who is looking for a great resource to aid you in your transition, then I highly suggest you visit the Military Network Veterans Strategic I.T. Training Alliance site. 

Robert Wilson, the proprietor of the site has been working diligently to help veterans transition back into civilian life for quite some time. This fact is made evident from the vast collection of resources and partnerships that Robert has amassed as a result of his hard work and dedication.

According to the Military-Network site, one of the goals of Military-Network is: to align veterans with training programs which produce a clear pathway into and through career and technical educational programs which lead to life-sustaining careers. Including community-based programs and cooperative community relationships via community organizations, providing training and skill validation, sourcing and performing evaluations. Fostered relationships with local, state, and national programs.

Additionally, the Military-Network tries to align veterans with apprenticeship opportunities (where available) which provides American corporations and the American workforce with the benefits of sustainable production and personal and economic value through participation in a nationally recognized and industry-validated system.  These programs are designed with the goal in mind to ensure the United States (U.S.) IT workforce maintains its global competitive advantage.

The Military-Network has partnerships with a number of vendors, such as, EC-Council, ISACA, CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, (ISC)2 as well as many others.  So, one can rest assured that the Military-Network will be able to help one find the right opportunity for them to pursue.

Additionally, the Military-Network has training partnerships with Mile2 training providers.  With that being said, it is clear that the Military-Network is serious about helping veterans find their place as they face the challenges of returning to the civilian world.

Almost every veteran faces challenges when then return home and transition into civilian life.  Some of these veterans may need more help than others as they face challenges of dealing with uncertainty, as well as disabilities, depression, and possibly PTSD.  The Military-Network has even thought of this often-overlooked element of military transition.  To aide veterans in these areas, they have partnered with groups such as Soldier for Life, The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel, ThankYouForYourService.US, and Psychologist, Dr. George Lindenfeld, who specializes in RESET Therapy.

There is no question that the Military-Network has done its best to cover all of its bases when taking the needs of veterans entering into the civilian sector.  Therefore, if you are ready to start your transition, head on over to the Military-Network and click on the contact form to get started today.

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